Parish Council Minutes & Accounts for 2021


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4th January 2021 Minutes of the Jan 2021 Parish Council Meeting Minutes
4th January 2021 OCC January 2021 Report Report
4th January 2021 SODC January 2021 Report Report
1st March 2021 Minutes of the March 2021 Annual & Parish Council Meeting Minutes
1st March 2021 OCC March 2021 Report Report












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10th May 2021 Minutes of the May 10th Parish Council Meeting Minutes
10th May 2021 OCC May 2021 Report Report
10th May 2021 SODC May 2021 Report Report
31st May 2021 Annual Governance and Accountability Return 2020/21 Report
31st May 2021 Notice of the period for the exercise of public rights Report
31st May 2021 Analysis of variances Report
31st May 2021 Bank reconciliation Report












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5th July 2021 Draft Minutes of the July 5th Parish Council Meeting Minutes
5th July 2021 OCC July 2021 Report Report
5th July 2021 SODC July 2021 Report Report










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