Bix & Assendon Parish Council works on behalf of all the residents and businesses located within the three hamlets of Lower Assendon, Middle Assendon and Bix.


The Parish Council meets six times a year at Bix Village Hall to discuss a range of local community issues and these are public meetings open to anyone from the local community that wishes to attend.

Our local councillor representatives for South Oxfordshire District Council and Oxfordshire County Council also attend and report at the Parish Council meetings on the wider issues outside of our parish.

Elections for Parish Councillors are held every four years or as required should a post become vacant within the normal election cycle. The daily administration of the Parish Council is conducted by the Parish Clerk which is a non-elected appointment.

An Annual Parish Meeting is held to discuss the activities of the Parish Council for the local community to attend, and annual accounts are published to disclose how funds have been spent against the annual budget raised via the local precept as part of the Community Tax.

All recent meetings, minutes and accounts are available on this website as a matter of public record.

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